Arizona Juices

The New Refreshing Pleasure !

Following the beloved Iced Tea series, AriZona introduces Cowboy Cocktails:
Juices with wondreful fruits, which provide hydration and vitamins.
Keeping the same high quality, rich flavor & classy aesthetics for which AriZona products are famous.
For those that seek healthy products for a balanced nutrition there are 4 unique, refreshing flavours, which will make a difference in juice category!

FILL YOUR CUP with Cowboy Cocktail and quench your thirst!

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Cowboy Cocktail – Watermelon Juice

Greek Summer in a bottle! The sweetest fruit turned into a delicious juice, full of natural ingredients that reminds us of summer. Watermelon is full of vitamin C, the antioxidant lycopene & has minimal calories. Does it get any better than this?

  • Contains: 500ml
  • Packaging: 6x500ml Arizona
  • Product Item: Arizona Watermelon | 345-00032

Cowboy Cocktail – Strawberry Lemonade

Nutritious pleasure! Lemon & strawbwerry, both reach in Vitamins A&C, create an amazing combination that takes us back to our childhood… With so many antioxidants and beneficial ingredients and an irresistible flavor, you will surely adore this Cowboy Cocktail!

  • Contains: 500ml
  • Packaging: 6x500ml Arizona
  • Product Item: Arizona Strawberry Lemonade | 345-00033

Cowboy Cocktail – Fruit Punch

A wonderful combination of fruits! Delicious fruits in a dynamic and refreshing combination is what makes AriZona Fruit Punch so irresestible. Most importantly, it includes all the flavor and all the vitamins to moisturize our skin..

  • Contains: 500ml
  • Packaging: 6x500ml Arizona
  • Product Type: Arizona Fruit Punch | 345-00030

Cowboy Cocktail – Mango

The “King of Fruits”! Full of antioxidants, fibers, vitamins C & A, mango rightfully deserves the title “King of Fruits”. Because of its high nutritional value and its low content in fat, Mango Cowboy Coctail by AriZona is suitable for a balanced and healthy diet with great flavor!

  • Contains: 500ml
  • Packaging: 6x500ml Arizona
  • Product Item: Arizona Mango | 345-00031
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