Coppa cocktails ready-to-serve in 14 wonderful flavors.

The award-winning Coppa Cocktails are the perfect solution for a simple and quick way to serve your friends wonderful Cocktails, either at home or outside. Just add ice and dress with fresh fruit. They are available in 14 wonderful flavors.

Classic Mojito

Famous and refreshing, considered as the favorite summer drink. In African, the word mojo means “magic”.

White rum – lime juice – sugar from sugar cane & mint.

Capacity: 700ml

Strawberry Daquiri

His fame began in America in the 40’s and since then, it still belongs to the must cocktails of the summer. With grated ice, absolutely refreshing and very summery!

White rum – lime juice – brown sugar – strawberry – raspberries.

Capacity: 700ml


Its name does not need clarification. It is consumed everywhere and has cosmopolitan air…

Bottle – Triple sec – cranberry juice – lime juice.

Capacity: 700ml

Pina Colada

Exotic cocktail from Puerto Rico. His inventor considered that in this cocktail, the whole aroma of his country is reflected.

Rum – natural coconut cream – pineapple juice.

Capacity: 700ml

Sex on the Beach

It is the official cocktail of the IBA (International Bartender Association). Consider the right cocktail for a summer spree!

Vodka – peach liqueur – orange juice – cranberry juice.

Capacity: 700ml

Long Island

Tennessee or New York? This question is permanently asked about the origin of this cocktail. What we have to emphasize is that wherever it comes from, it is enjoyable and intoxicating!

Botka – Peach orange liqueur – grenadine.

Capacity: 700ml

Tequila Sunrise

The enchanting shades of the sunset that are shaping the sky, gave the name to this famous refreshing cocktail.

Tequila – orange juice – grenadine.

Capacity: 700ml

Amaretto Sour

Created in the New York bars during the 70’s. The perfect combination of sweet and sour.

Amaretto, Simple Syrup, Lemon juice, Bitter aromas.

Capacity: 700ml

Espresso Martini

Intense, Refreshing, Ideal for coffee lovers. Suitable for all hours of the day.

Vodka, cold brew coffee & coffee liqueur.

Capacity: 700ml

Mai Tai

Unreal! One of the most classic and popular cocktails with rum. Distinctive, Tropical, Unique…

White/Black rum, triple sec, amaretto & lemon/orange juice.

Capacity: 700ml


Inspired by the Count Camillo Negroni, in Florence. Cool, Refreshing, For people with taste!

Gin, vermouth, and bitter aperitif liqueur.

Capacity: 700ml

Passion Fruit Martini

Simple, Delicious, Refreshing thanks to the passion fruit. Full of flavor!

Passion fruit, vodka & lime juice.

Capacity: 700ml

White Russian

Described as the adult’s milkshake. Creamy, Tasty, Rich, Full of flavor.

Vodka, Coffee liqueur & cream

Capacity: 700ml

Whiskey Sour

Described as the king of the Sour Cocktails. Classic with a sweet and sour taste!

Bourbon, Fresh lemon juice & Simple syrup.

Capacity: 700ml

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